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Full Irish breakfast

Full Irish breakfast

I did comment on the two most important events in my day, coffee and fish & chips, but there’s more!


Everywhere we stayed offered the Full (Irish, Scottish or English) Breakfast, depending on where we were, which consisted universally of eggs (fried or scrambled), rashers of (back) bacon, sausages, baked beans, fried tomatoes and mushrooms. White or black pudding was added, white, brown or Granary toast and porridge was often available. On the side table in the breakfast room were a variety of muesli, juice, small muffins, fruit (usually grapefruit or orange slices, or a mix of apples and some other fruit), cheese and sliced meats. Sometimes all this was in a buffet or ordered from our table. We could select as much of the breakfast as we wanted, and drifted from the Full Breakfast to porridge, fruit and toast toward the end of our trip.

Toast was served in a rack, often before or after our main selections, and was barely warm when it arrived at the table. The wonderful exception was at the Corn Mill in Cornwall, where Suzie would slice the small home-made loaf for us and slip it in the toaster! As a jam lover, I also relished her home-made marmalade and raspberry jams.

The types of bread above only scratch the surface of what’s available, pardon the pun. We really enjoyed finding a small bakery in the towns we visited and taking fresh delights of all kinds back to our room, where butter and jam were waiting.

I am hooked on back bacon, porridge and toast for breakfast. All the boxed “healthy” products in the cupboard are still mostly air and are going away. Sherry has been making the porridge for some time, using steel-cut oats and the slow cooker. Suzie adds spelt to hers, so I went to the Food Coop yesterday and bought flakes to try this week. Costa Coffee, found most everywhere, has a superb porridge, served with cream and honey. Most everything we started our day with was fresh and local. I had eggs and some cheese here tat home which were tasteless, so we’ll be shopping differently!