We returned our car rental to Hertz in Dublin after deciding we’d practiced enough on rural Irish roads. Motorways were a delight and narrow city streets doable, but the L, R and even N roads were tedious. Two lanes in theory, but not in practice. 80 to 100 km limits for the natives maybe.

We equipped ourselves with the map base for our Garmin and Sygic. We bought a road atlas. Alas, they were not in agreement far too often. Sherry was true navigator!

So we decided we’d stay in Dublin three more nights, catching up on the sites we passed up last time. Then to Belfast by train and a total of three nights there. This way I’ll have the chance to take the full Games of Thrones tour by couch and enjoy myself and we can visit the Titanic museum together.

Facebook has made it easier to post and run I admit. My apologies.